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You are wrong if you think baseball apparel is only for the players. Today, you can find it for people of all ages. The term baseball apparel encompasses includes jerseys, pants, caps and shoes amongst others. Being an ambiguous term, it can also at times refer to the gear a player wears such as gloves, helmets and guards.

In the case of a player, care has to be taken when choosing any of these, for quality, durability are important as also the official specifications. A player cannot afford to flout the rules of the game. The shoes have to be cleated and not spiked and must be a comfortable fit providing stability and balance. Pants have to be the prescribed length and of course, the color must be uniform with the rest of the team. Usually, pants and jerseys are provided to all the players in a team. Gloves must fit and be broken in before they are worn to a game.

But, this is not the case with fans or others interested in baseball apparel. They have a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from. From cotton to spandex to nylon and polyester, you can find them all. You can even customize stuff according to your preferences. For instance, you can have the number of your choice in front and your name on the back of a tee-shirt or jersey. It is also considered a fashion statement to be seen wearing clothes emblazoned logos and similar characters.

There are also some sites which claim to sell authentic MLB apparel aimed at enthusiastic fans. These have the names of teams or the MLB logos embossed on them and include shorts, socks, and sweatshirts besides the usual baseball-related accessories. The craze for this kind of clothing is so great that you can even find exclusive ranges catering to infants and toddlers who can barely crawl let alone follow the game!

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