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Baseball Bats

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, while playing, the right baseball bat will definitely boost your confidence at the plate. The advances in technology have helped develop baseball bats that enhance performance according to an individual player’s strength. When selecting a baseball bat it is essential that you consider your physical attributes such as height and weight as well as skill and hitting strength.

Prices can range from $20 for a wooden bat to $200 or more for aluminum or alloy bats. Metal bats are generally worth the higher tag since they are more lasting with their weight and balance remaining constant over the years. But, an expensive baseball bat is not always the better one.

Baseball bats come in three different materials—aluminum, wood, and graphite or titanium lined. While buying a bat, the barrel size, bat taper and grip have to be given weightage. You have to ensure that your bat adheres to the barrel size and weight ratio acceptable to your league. Bats with smooth, shiny surfaces give more power. In a bat with an ideal grip, your fingertips will meet around the handle.

Speed and control of the baseball bat are critical factors if you want to hit the ball hard and consistently. If the bat is too heavy or too light, it will not serve your purpose. For a power hitter, a bat with the smallest ratio (length minus weight) is a must for it will drive the ball further. More power can be gained from a bat with a bigger barrel, provided you can control it. If you are still in doubt or get confused with the variety available at the store, you can always ask the salesperson to help out. Employees in specialty stores are usually knowledgeable about the products they offer, so they should be able to give you some pointers. Buying a baseball bat is definitely one of those things that are better done in person than over the internet!!

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