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Baseball Drills

Practice makes perfect and this holds true for the game of baseball too. Consistent and focused practice can make a skilled player of even an average athlete. Quality, not quantity should be the objective of all baseball drills during practice. These drills aim at improving agility, speed, flexibility, balance, reflexes, stamina, and hand-eye coordination. There are different categories of baseball training drills such as hitting, bunting, base running, fielding, and playing catch.

Baseball practice drills can sometimes get monotonous and it is important for the coach to turn drills into fun games and competitions to keep up the interest. Hitting drills should be such that they break up the swing into manageable pieces for players to work on. Bunting drills help the player develop the skill of watching the ball all the way to the bat. Another good drill is the soft toss. This is a good drill particularly when you have limited space.

Having a coach throw live to hitters, who are allowed only one strike, forces them to put the ball in play. In fielding drills, trying to catch a ball bare-handed makes you better when catching with a gloved hand. Developing reflexes should be an essential part of baseball drills. It is also essential to help a pitcher learn the proper feel of a curveball during drills. He should work on accuracy and understanding when he aims the ball. Hitting off a tee is considered one of the best ways to improve one’s swing.

There are a variety of drills to improve your game and this can be done with the help of books, taking lessons and consulting professionals. Most coaches have their own tried and tested drills on which they keep improvising. The drills should also focus on developing the player’s mental make-up so as to enable him to deal with stressful situations and play well under pressure.

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