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Baseball Field

A proper baseball field is required for a good game to be played. Turf and clay are both found on a baseball field. Most of the game takes place on the clay pitch which is diamond-shaped. The pitcher’s mound, the batter’s box, base areas, and skinned base paths, are all here.

The home plate is the final base where the batter must touch to score. It has five sides and unlike other bases, is hard with beveled edges that rise a little above ground. This is generally where most of the action takes place. The batter’s box is where the batter stands ready to receive a pitch from the pitcher. It is usually drawn in chalk surrounding the home plate. There are separate batter’s boxes for right-handed and left-handed batters. The pitcher cannot throw the ball if any part of the batter’s body is outside this box.

The other three corners of the diamond, in counterclockwise are called first base, second base and third base. Along with the home plate, they form the infield. Fair territory outside the infield is the outfield. Most baseball fields have a fence marking the outer edges of the outfield and have two poles known as the foul poles. Any ball hitting a foul pole above the top of the outfield fence is a home run. A baseline is the straight line between any two bases and the base path is the region within three feet of the baseline.

The grass line, where the dirt of the infield ends and the grass of the outfield begins has no special significance to the rules of the game. It only serves as a visual aid so that participants, fans, and umpires can have an exact idea of distance from the center of the diamond. Players need to be cautious when on the field. Wearing appropriate and protective gear at all times is absolutely essential.

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