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The very mention of steroids casts a pall over the very spirit of any sport and baseball is no exception. But the reality is that steroids has a strong presence in baseball and is rearing its ugly head more often than we want it to. Recently, a noted MLB player came out in the open about his use of steroids to enhance his performance on the field and expressed willingness to overthrow the habit.

Since then there have been many allegations that there are many more who are taking steroids. As long as they are not tested and their employers are happy with their performance, it seems as if they will continue to do so. There are contradictions about the number of players who are steroid abusers. Some say it is 50 per cent whereas others claim it is no more than 10 per cent. Be as it may, the shocking fact is that there are players who are onto steroids. The numbers don’t matter. It is easy to obtain these drugs from neighboring countries without any kinds of hassle. The whole issue seems to be about making money for, with the amount of compensation players receive, who wouldn’t want to retire rich?

There is just one way to curb this menace and it is by introducing mandatory testing. But then again, this raises a host of questions such as who will conduct the testing, what will the penalty be and most important of all, how can it be made impartial? The issue has reached magnificent proportions with even the President giving his opinion and proposing action to clean up the game.

This trend is also setting a bad example to the youngsters and prospective aspirants. For instance, school children from the Midwest were caught using steroids. This definitely caused everyone to sit up and take notice. If the matter of drugs in baseball is not dealt with immediately and nipped in the bud, there seems to be a tough road ahead which is too scary to even contemplate.

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