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MLB when expanded stands for Major League Baseball, the highest level of professional play in North America including Canada and Mexico. MLB is the entity that manages the National League and the American League, by means of a joint organizational structure which was first implemented in 1920. MLB is governed by the Major League Constitution, an agreement which has been amended many times since its introduction in 1920. The latest revisions were made in 2001.

It is the MLB that hires and maintains umpiring crews, negotiates marketing, labor and media contracts. A commissioner heads the system. Most aspects of minor league baseball come under the MLB. Major league season runs through the summer and the teams prepare for the season in Florida and Arizona during February and March. Currently, the MLB is made up of 30 teams and each team plays 162 games in a season.

Early July is the midway point of the season and during this period the MLB All Star Game is held. This is an exhibition game where players from the National League take on their counterparts from the American League. Since the 70s, the eight position players for each team who take the field initially have been voted in by the followers of the game. The rest of the players and the pitchers are selected by the team manager. As per regulations every team in the majors must have at least one designated all-star player, irrespective of voting. This is to ensure that fans of every team have at least one favored player to watch in the All Star Game.

Tickets to most of these games are sold out well before the season actually begins. With the availability of tickets online it is just a mater of minutes before booking is made. Many avid fans opt for the season tickets which are a good deal if you plan to be at most games if not all.

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