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College Baseball

College baseball has been gaining momentum over the past few years. The popular belief is that at least one of 10 high school baseball players will have a chance at college baseball. No wonder then that many begin preparations well in advance.

Most begin in their freshman year. But what many don’t realize is that they need good grades as well to succeed on the field. If you do well in school and also play on the school team, a 700 on your SAT could get you a college baseball scholarship. If you are talented, then coaches will begin scouting you and contacting you too. Athletic scholarships are limited and it’d be best if you could get an academic one too.

The first known intercollegiate baseball game took place as early as 1859 in Massachusetts. Today college baseball is played by the laws set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The College World Series is held annually in June and eight winners of regional playoffs compete for this championship. The rules of college baseball are similar to the official baseball rules with a few exceptions.

While choosing their players the scouts look out for certain physical attributes such as arm strength, running speed, their prowess at fielding and hitting. Of course different scouts have different methods and means but these are some basic qualities. Also they will judge the players depending upon the position they play in.

Determination, aggressiveness, leadership quality, confidence, consistency, and maturity, are also essential. Besides this, aspiring players need to be able to cope with the physical and mental stress that comes with it. They need to have the stamina to survive long hours of practice, road trips to games and academics as well. Always remember to keep your cool and your dignity on the field, however frustrating the situation may be – you never know when a scout may be out there looking for someone just like that!

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